Monday, April 4, 2011

My Beauty Diary Mask Review: Formosa White Phalaenopsis

I got this mask a few days ago when I spotted it on sale at T&T.  Now, I've never been a mask person, and the only other masks I've used before are the peeling ones with aloe from Shoppers Drug Mart, or the St. Ives Firming Mask, so I'm not really a mask expert =P, but here are my thoughts on this mask!

For a mask, I thought it was packaged quite nicely.  Usually the masks I see are just a square shaped package with words printed on the front, but the flower shape on the top and the pretty print makes it soo much more fancy.  I felt really pampered using such a prettily packaged mask =). (I did feel slightly wasteful when I had to throw the packaging out after using it, it was just too pretty!)

It was a pleasant smell, not too over powering or anything, or sickeningly sweet like some beauty products.

This mask was suppose to whiten and moisturize, but I felt it only whitened my skin and didn't moisturize much.  But since my skin is so difficult to moisturize, I would say that this mask did pretty well since I'm fairly "white" already.

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, school has been super busy and I also haven't been feeling well =(

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More reviews to come since I've purchased a few things from Adams Beauty, and I also bought the Maybelline one by one mascara!