Sunday, January 30, 2011

EOTD using Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes in GN-1 and Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara - Waterproof

Hey guys! I finally got around to doing an EOTD with the Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes in GN-1! I actually really love the pigmentation of this palette and the colours go so well together too!  I feel that green is a really hard eyeshadow to pull off for everyday looks, and since I don't like to go too crazy with my makeup,( I like neutral looks that don't draw too much attention, but just enhance my eyes) I was scared to use this palette at first but once I tried it out, I found that its really wearable!  The colours aren't too crazy and the brown and green don't look muddy at all!  Love, love, love this palette! =)

Secondly, the Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara.  I think its an ok mascara in terms of volume, although I found it to be a bit clumpy and not natural enough for my liking.  It did hold my curls all day though, but that may just have been the waterproof formula.  Therefore, my HG is still the Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.

And thats it for now!  Schools starting to get crazy again with midterms and many assignments all at once!  So  hopefully I'll be able to blog more during reading break! =)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

TAG: 2010 Beauty Favorites

I was tagged by Julianne to do this tag. =)  Thanks for tagging me! I love doing tags =D.

Which lipstick / lipgloss did you use most often in 2010?
I don't use lipsticks or lipgloss much because my lips are already pretty pigmented.  But when I do use lip products, I prefer lipsticks because I don't like how lipglosses are so sticky.  The ones I reach for most often are Lancome's Vintage Rose, and Revlon's Rose and Shine.

What was your favorite eyeshadow this year?
I love switching up my eyeshadow colours according to my outfit, but I found the palettes I reach for the most are the Lavshuca Melting Eyes in RD-1 and the Lavshuca Gradation Colour Eyes in BR-2 because they give the best neutral looks that will go with any outfit! =)

What product for the complexion (foundation, blush, etc.,) did you use the most?
Definitely the Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in 02 rose bloom, this is my go to blush, it goes with almost every eye look.

Your favorite nail polish color of 2010?
I didn't really use nail polish in 2010 because I was too busy =(.

Which skin care product would you not give up under any circumstances?

Probably the Hydro-Nourishing Softener from Shiseido The Skincare line.  I use this product everyday because my skin is so dry, without it my skin would peel =(.  I've actually been looking for something to replace this with though since its so expensive =S. No luck yet. =P

What is your favorite personal care product?
I really like using nail buffers, that way my nails can still look nice even if I don't have time to paint my nails. =)

Your usually worn fragrance in 2010?
If I'm feeling "vintagy" I would wear the Moroccan Rose eau de toilette from The Body Shop, but for just everyday I would just use the body spray from bodycology in cherry blossom.

Cherry Blossom body spray
What was your personal favorite jewelry piece?
I actually don't really like to wear jewelry much so yea... nothing to put here.

What have you discovered in 2010 that is new for you (new products, inspirations, blogs, hobbies, etc.,)?
Fashion blogs, they have inspired me to dress up =).

Do you have resolutions for 2011? If so, what are they?
Spend more time praying, and learn to relax a little?  I'm way too stressed most of the time, I don't know how to relax, sigh.

Tag other people:
I tag anyone who wants to do this! Since I don't want anyone to feel left out =).

Saturday, January 22, 2011

OOTD Casual Casual Day

This outfit is soo casual, because I feel so uninspired lately =(.  But I really love the clothes my mom gave me from her closet.  My mom wore these clothes when she was young =D, and it makes me feel so close to her when I wear her clothes.
Sweater/Cardigan- my mom's =)
Shirt- Zara
Jeans- Forever 21
Shoes- also my moms =P
Also, I cut my hair during the break, I kinda miss my old hair tho =P.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

EOTD using Visee Blossom Eyes in BL-3

I had high hopes for this palette because I didn't have any blue palettes but unfortunately the color payoff isn't that good.  Oh well, at least the packaging is really pretty.  Maybe if I use a base with it, the colors might show up better?

Thats it for now =P.  Stay tuned for an EOTD featuring the Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes in GN-1!