Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blush Collection + Reviews

As I had said in my previous post, I'm going to review the blushes I got from Adam's Beauty and show everyone all the blushes I have.

First I'll start off with the most expensive one I got, which is the Jill Stuart one in 02 rose bloom.  Its also my favourite out of all the blushes I got! =)

This is my favourite blush because it gives a very nice light flush of color, I also like blushes that give a more cool pink because I look nicer with cool colors and its usually hard for me to find cool pink blushes, so I`m very happy that Jill Stuart has this color.  I also find that with this blush, its very easy to control how much you've put on, and its hard to overdo your blush using this.  The brush that comes with it is also super soft and dense, and I just use it for applying my Jill Stuart blush so that different blush colors don`t mix.

My next favourite out of the 3 that I got is the Maquillage Face Creator in 11.

I love this blush palette mainly because of the contour color.  Before I got this palette, I used to use the bronzer from Rimmel, but I didn't like it because I found that the bronzer looked too yellowy for my liking.  I have really pale skin that doesn't really have a yellow undertone even though I'm asian, my skin actually has more of a pink undertone so when I used the bronzer, it didn't really match my skin and it was very obvious that I was contouring.  But with this new contour color, it looks more natural and its not as obvious when I do contour.
My second favourite part of this palette is the highlighter.  Since I've been getting only 4 hours of sleep every night for 2 weeks (because of non stop midterms and assignments), I have severe dark circles and bags under my eyes, and the only thing that kept me looking nice was using highlighter under my eyes.  My roomate even said I've been looking nicer these days even though I get no sleep and I think its because of the highlighter.
I haven't really used the other colors in this pallet much though, because I don't really use bronzer, and I've been using the blush from Jill Stuart so I haven't used the blush color in this palette.

Lastly, I will talk about the Coffret D'or blush in PK-25.

This is a really nice blush and I love the little brush that it comes with and the packaging is AMAZING.  The packaging is clean and pretty and I love how there's a separate compartment for the brush and how the blush doesn't all spill out because there's a "protector thing" that keeps the powder in.  The inside of the cap is also a mirror, which I thought was pretty cool.
The only reason why I didn't like this blush as much was because I thought it was a lighter pink than it actually turned out to be.  The color came out very similar to the mineralized blush dainty from MAC, so I was kinda sad that I ended up having duplicates of the same color.

In addition to the 3 new blushes I got from Adam's Beauty, here is the rest of my blush collection.

This blush was a limited edition blush from Loreal, and as you can see I've used up all of one side since I loved it soooo much.  I still have to finish up the other side, which is the highlighter, and the highlighter is really good too.  It gives the same effect as the highlighter from the Maquillage blush palette.

This is the Dior Show Powder in 002 girly pink.  It doesn't give off much color, but it does add a nice shimmer/ sparkle to the face.

Next is the Rimmel blush in Santa Rose, its more of a peachy color, so I don't use it as much because I like pinks, but I still use it sometimes when I want a peachy glow.

This is a blush from Majolica Majorca in PK333, and this was the default blush that I used to use everyday before I had the Jill Stuart blush.

And lastly, from MAC, the mineralize blush in dainty, I like to use this blush on my extra pale days, where I look like a ghost because I've had no sleep and all color is drained from my face, and this blush makes me look awake and healthy again. lol

And that is my whole blush collection, I don't have too much since I like to use one color and stick to it and I don't like having duplicates.  I hope you all enjoyed this review! =)

My next post will probably be a eye shadow collection so stay tuned for it! =)


Jess said...

Lovely blush collection! ;)

alcupcake said...

thanks jess! =)

Popcorn said...

I have been wanting to try the Maquillage palette~ hahaha looks soo pretty. I have a JS blush too, but i haven't used it yet. LOL sometimes I don't even know why I buy makeup when I don't really use it that often. XD

alcupcake said...

yeaaa you should definitely buy it! I'm loving it, its the perfect shade for me =)