Saturday, October 29, 2011

Aqua Label White Mask Review

So this is the second sheet mask I've ever tried and I think I like it more than the My Beauty Diary White Phalaenopsis Mask.  

I felt that this mask whitened my skin more, and also the liquid the mask was drenched in absorbed more easily into my skin than the My Beauty Dairy Formosa White Phalaenopsis Mask.  It took a shorter time for this mask to be fully absorbed into my face, and also, the next morning my skin felt so nice and hydrated, and also whiter!

It is pricier though, since its a Shiseido brand, so if given a choice, I would probably still buy the My Beauty Diary White Phalaenopsis Mask (only when its on sale for 6.99).


Fannie said...

Love sheet masks. I think MBD sheet masks are the best bang for your buck. The more expensive ones are great but if you get into the regular habit of using then it gets too expensive.

alcupcake said...

Yea, I can't bring myself to buy really expensive sheet masks since their effects are only temporary anyways =P. So I'll be sticking with the MBD masks for now =P