Thursday, May 27, 2010

Revlon Haul + Lip Products Collection

I bought 3 new lip products this weekend when shoppers was having their sale!  Each lip product cost 3.99 CAD! =)

The colours I got are (from left to right) 619 Rose&Shine 634Sparkling Cider and the lip gloss is Pink Pursuit

And the rest of my lippies collection

The colours are both PK-1 from Lavshuca.

These four are Lancome lipsticks, the colours are (from left to right) 308, Vintage Rose (my favourite lipstick of all time), Sugared Maple, Creme de Marron.

This NYX lipstick is in 602 Sash, but I don't really like it, cuz the colour it gives off is super pale and silvery, so it looks really unnatural.

3Lipglosses I got from the sephora birthday gift, they're really good and pigmented!

These Lancome juicy tubes are in some random colour( it doesn't say) and dreamsicle, dreamsicle smells soooo good.

And lastly, this Dior lip gloss, it actually matches my lip colour pretty well, cuz I have really pigmented lips that have a bluish tint to them.

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